A Certain Sound of the Trumpet

One of the most inspiring things that I experienced while at the PNBC Midwinter board meeting in Nassau, Bahamas was the native “Junkanoo” celebration that PNBC members were privileged to participate in as a part of the host committee’s activities. To those unfamiliar with Junknoo, to take part in the celebration is like taking part in an African Village Dance, a church Holy Dance, and a Black College Band marching band all wrapped-up into one! At our meeting, the Junkanno band played the Negro spiritual “I’ll Fly Away,” on the trumpet as others beat drums and dancers proceeded to march around in circles. All who witnessed the phenomenon were caught up in the Spirit and when I reflected upon the experience, it reminded me of what PNBC is all about.

What caught me in particular was that the horns blew the melody with a “certain sound.” It reminded of what Samuel DeWitt Proctor talks about in his book “The Certain Sound of the Trumpet” in talking about African American preaching. It’s a prophetic sound, a distinct sound. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had this sound, Dr. Gardner Taylor has this sound, Dr. Charles Adams has this sound and our current President Dr. Carol A. Baltimore Sr. has this sound too. It’s the sound of a voice crying in the wilderness, a sound calling for an end to poverty, the passage of gun control legislation, the passage of a fair federal budget and for peace in the Middle East.

What also struck me was that while some were blowing trumpets, others were beating drums to keep the horn players in rhythm, and what I realize is that it’s my new job as PNBC’s Interim General Secretary to beat the drum so that our convention stays in step administratively. But it’s not just my job, I need your help in beating the drum too! I need your help in supporting our convention financially and attending our meetings and committing to blowing your prophetic horn until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream!

Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Kip Banks, Sr.

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